The highest infection rate since March.. Israel records 2,122 new cases of corona

Today, Tuesday, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced that 2,112 new infections with the Corona virus were recorded during the last 24 hours, the highest rate recorded since last March, after 92,707 laboratory tests were conducted.

According to the ministry, the cumulative number of the injured is 863,680, including 13,147, of whom 138 are serious, in a new number recorded since last January, 34 of whom are critical, and 26 are connected to artificial respirators.

The number of deaths since the outbreak of Corona reached 6,461.

And the Hebrew Ynet website quoted Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz as saying that if it was decided to give a third dose of the vaccine, Israel would be ready and ready with a stockpile of vaccines for everyone.

He added during his visit to Beilinson Hospital, "We are seeing a very high rate of infection with the Delta strain, we have warned about it and taken steps to confront it."

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