An infinitesimal robot that can remove hormonal contaminants from liquids

 A team of researchers at the Universities of Chemistry and Technology and Brno in the Czech Republic, in partnership with Yonsei University in South Korea, created a micro-robot equipped with analytical capabilities to decode chemicals that can remove hormonal pollutants from Liquids.

Researchers Li Chang and Dong Jin from the Chinese University in Hong Kong say, in response to this experiment, that most of the infinitesimal robots have little or no intelligence, and they usually perform one function and are usually controlled remotely by magnetic forces. But they indicated that research to develop this type of robots has progressed in recent times by adding a kind of local intelligence to these robots so that they can interact with the surrounding environment while performing their function.

The website, "VizDot Org", which specializes in technology, stated that the new robot consists of three layers and contains tubes made of platinum on the inside, which are open on both sides to allow the passage of liquids. When the robot is placed in a liquid containing hydrogen peroxide, platinum reacts with this material and converts it into substance and oxygen.

And the oxygen bubbles that emerge from this chemical reaction help move the robot, as if the inside of the robot was acting as an engine.

The study team says that the outer part of the robot is made of polyrol, and it contains metal atoms in order to allow the robot to be controlled from the outside by magnets if necessary.

The study team explains that the movement of the robot in the liquid produces a type of hormonal fibers (estrogen), which in turn turns into a network of fibers floating on the surface of the liquid, and is used to collect hormonal pollutants from the liquid, allowing the possibility of removing them.


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