The occupation forces arrested 11 citizens from the West Bank

The occupation forces arrested 11 citizens of the West Bank, Monday morning.

Local sources said that three citizens were arrested from Jenin and one of them was released later: Hassan Ramzi Abu Salah, Ahmed Adnan Mardawi and Jaafar Abu Salah, where he was released later, knowing that they are former prisoners.

The occupation forces arrested Muhammad Asaad Nawara, Hudhayfah Yasser Abiyat, Mahmoud Karim Ayyad and Muhammad Salem Sabah from several parts of Bethlehem.

From Hebron, the occupation arrested Ramzi Jabreen Al-Haymoni, and Yazid Karim Abu Aisha.

The occupation soldiers arrested Jamal Adnan Khattab from Jericho and Moataz Walid Shweiki (18 years old) from the town of Silwan in Jerusalem.


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