The occupation army announces the arrest of two citizens who crossed the separation fence from the central Gaza Strip

The occupation army announced today, Friday, the arrest of two citizens in the central Gaza Strip after crossing the separation fence, without announcing their names or revealing their fate, and the incident did not confirm any Palestinian party.

Prisoner specialist Abdel Nasser Farwana said that the occupation forces did not reveal the identity of the Palestinians or what happened to them, but confirmed their arrest, thus raising the number of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip who were arrested after crossing the eastern or northern borders of the sector to (14) Palestinians since the beginning of this year .

He added that all those who crossed the border were arrested, were treated cruelly and subjected to torture, abuse and pressure.

Farwana explained that these attempts have increased in recent years and have become a dangerous phenomenon that is expanding, calling for stopping in front of it and studying its motives, and working to avoid its consequences and negative effects on the individual and Palestinian society.


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