Occupation forces a Palestinian to demolish his house in Beit Jala

The Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday forced a Palestinian to demolish his house in Bir Aouna area in Beit Jala, west of Bethlehem, on the pretext of not being licensed.

According to the official agency, the occupation authorities handed over Ayman Zerina a notice to demolish his two-story house on the seventh of this month, and brave him until tomorrow, otherwise it will destroy him, forcing him to pay for the demolition.

It is noteworthy that 6 houses of this family were recently demolished in that area, which is an extension of the residents of Beit Jala.

The occupation authorities were notified last Sunday of the demolition of four barks attributed to his cousin Mohammed Musa Zerina, used to raise horses and sheep, for the same argument is not enough, where he was also given until the tenth of this month to demolish it himself, or else to pay the cost of demolition. It was also demolished on March 13, in the same area a house and another circus.

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