More than 6 million Israelis are going to the polls tomorrow

More than 6 million Israelis will go to the polls on Tuesday to elect their representatives in the 21st Knesset elections.

According to the Israeli Central Election Commission, 6,399,729 voters will go to the 10.460 polling stations.

Forty-one electric lists will compete for different parties in the bitterly contested elections between Likud and a blue-white coal coalition led by Benny Gantz and some former generals.

The percentage of votes for the list is 3.25% of the votes (about 140 thousand votes). Polling stations will open at 7 am and close at 10 pm, with each voter being given one of the 41 lists.

The elections were held abroad in Israeli embassies, and army soldiers voted on Sunday.

Opinion polls indicate that the White-White coalition headed by Gantz, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, has won 3 to 5 seats. Pointing out at the same time that the right-wing parties will get a higher number of seats compared to the lists left and center, which could enable Netanyahu to form the next government.

Tomorrow, it will be a holiday day all over Israel, and buses will take voters free of charge to polling stations.

The Israeli police have tightened their security measures and deployed more elements throughout the cities, especially Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, for fear of any security incidents.

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