Violent night confrontations with occupation and threat of closure of shops in Sebastya

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The archaeological area of the town of Sebastya, north of Nablus late last night, witnessed violent confrontations between the youths and the Israeli occupation forces, which stormed the archaeological area, and later threatened to shut down the shops in the area if confrontations continued and targeting the occupation forces.

According to the mayor of Sebastya, Mohamed Bent, in a speech to  "jerusalem " dot com, the confrontations erupted after the storming of the archaeological area which the occupation forces are repeating, where clashes erupted between the youths and the occupation forces, in which the youths targeted military occupation patrols with stones and bottles , which led to the firing of a military enclave of occupation, while no injuries were reported between the youths and the people.

He added: The occupation forces then raided the shops in the archaeological area, burnt straw benches used for those shops, and threatened the owners of the shops to close them if the occupation forces continued to be targeted again.


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