Dutch police discover largest facility to produce illegal synthetic drugs

What could be the largest industrial drug laboratory in the Netherlands has been unveiled in the southeast of the country, Dutch police announced.

It was possible to manufacture more than 100 kilograms of drugs per day in this laboratory, with a value equivalent to one million euros on the market, according to the Dutch news agency, quoting the unit that dismantled this facility.
"According to the national service for the dismantling of such facilities, this may be the largest and most advanced industrial drug production site in the Netherlands," the police statement said.

The security forces explained that it was possible to uncover this laboratory, which is located in two adjacent garages in a rural area in the southeast of the country, thanks to information obtained from “encrypted chat messages.”

A 62-year-old Polish man was arrested, according to police, who do not rule out more arrests.

The dismantling process is expected to continue "until Sunday" due to the size of the facility, according to the police, who opened an investigation in this regard.


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