Greta Gerwig to direct ´Barbie´ starring Margot Robbie

Actress and director Greta Gerwig plans to direct a new Margot Robbie movie about the doll "Barbie".

It was previously reported that Gerwig would write the script for the film, which is a joint venture with Warner Brothers and Mattel, which manufactures the Barbie doll, according to the British news agency BA Media.

During an interview with British "Vogue" magazine, Australian actress Ruby, 31, who was nominated twice for an Academy Award, revealed that Gerwig's participation in the film was expanded to include directing.

Variety said it has been confirmed that Gerwig has officially signed a contract to direct the film and that production will take place early next year in London.  
It is reported that Gerwig, 37, was nominated for an Oscar for Best Director and Best Screenplay for 2017 for the movie "Lady Bird".


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