Settlers ban cargo trucks and fuel from reaching Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

Dozens of settlers prevented the arrival of trucks loaded with goods and fuel from reaching the Kerem-Abu Salim commercial crossing in the southeastern Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning.

The truck owners reported that dozens of settlers had blocked the main roads leading to the road and prevented trucks loaded with goods, foodstuffs, fuel-laden, cooking gas and building materials from reaching the Gaza Strip.

They confirmed that hundreds of trucks on the Palestinian side of the crossing had been waiting early in the morning for trucks to arrive through the crossing, where settlers were preventing them from reaching under flimsy pretexts.

This is the second time since last Sunday that settlers are preventing cargo, food and fuel trucks from reaching Gaza, by blocking roads leading to the only Kerem Abu Salim commercial crossing in the strip.

Dozens of Gaza-based settlers marched through angry marches, sparking rubber tyres, protesting the lull between resistance and occupation factions in the strip.


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