Prisoners Authority: More than 2,000 arrests in 48 lands during the past days

The Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority reported, Thursday evening, that the Israeli police had arrested 2,142 Palestinians during the last short period, and issued indictments against 184 of them so far.

The commission indicated, in a statement, that these arrests are the largest attack on Palestinians inside the territories of the year 48, compared to the record period in which these arrests were carried out, which on some days amounted to hundreds.

The commission added that "all arrests were accompanied by brutal attacks, including insults, beatings, and vandalism of the contents of citizens' homes and property, as cameras documented the racist attacks that were carried out by the occupation police and settlers, and the units specialized in incursions and arrests."

The commission called on human rights and humanitarian institutions to “move quickly to stop this hateful racist attack against our people inside the occupied interior, because it is a disgrace to the international community to practice these crimes in light of the silence of the international community, and its inability to protect it from its conventions and treaties from daily transgression and penetration.”


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