Bennett and Lapid agree to form an Israeli government of change, and Netanyahu comments

Israeli media announced, this evening, Friday, that the head of the "Right" party, Naftali Bennett, has agreed to form a change government with Yair Lapid, head of the "Yash Atid" party.

The Hebrew Channel 12 said that the inauguration is expected within 10 days.

She added that Bennett will be prime minister until September 2023, and Lapid will replace him until November 2025.

The channel indicated that there are estimates that an official announcement on this topic will be issued on Saturday evening or no later than Sunday.

In his first comment on the agreement, Benjamin Netanyahu said, "It is an unimaginable fraud, it is a blatant violation of all the promises Naftali Bennett made to himself weeks ago. Bennett said during the fight against Hamas that the left-wing government has lost its chances, what has changed?"

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