Gaza Health: We are seeing a slight decrease in critical and dangerous cases

Muhammad Abu Salmiya, a member of the Crisis Cell Committee and Director General of the Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza, said today, Tuesday, that there is a slight decrease in critical and serious cases registered during the current period compared to last weeks and months.

Abu Salmiya stated in an interview with the local Voice of Al-Aqsa radio in Gaza that the epidemic threat still exists inside the Gaza Strip, noting that numbers of deaths and injuries are still being recorded.

He said, "What interests us in the Ministry of Health is the critical and dangerous cases, which is a criterion upon which the Crisis Cell is based on building on it by taking appropriate decisions to deal with the epidemic situation."

He stressed that the important option in front of dealing with the epidemiological reality is "vaccination" and there is no alternative to it, calling on citizens to take it without hesitation.

"All vaccinations in the world have proven that they protect against all mutated strains, are not worrisome and are safe to a large extent," said the official at the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

He added, "Corona is a wave that rises and increases, and the important factor to avoid its risks is that people understand and adhere to preventive measures."


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