Occupation notified of the seizure of 155 dunums north-west of Ramallah

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupation authorities notified citizens in the western village of Laban, northwest of Ramallah, of seizing 155 dunums of land in the northern part of the village, near the bypass road, in favour of settlement.

"The village council receives, on Sunday, notices from the occupation authorities, through the wall and Settlement resistance authority, to seize 155 dunums of land in the northern part of its territory, which lies between the land of Deir Village Oak and the village of western yogurt, in favor of settlement expansion  ".

It noted that the land was located near a settlement purification plant on the territory of the village, and near the settlement bypass road, which devoured the village land, where the occupation authorities were aiming to control the land by annexing it to the settlements and constructing a bypass road for the settlement  "Beit Aryeh " On the land of Western yogurt.

The notifications of the seizure of the village's territory include two dunums of Levantine, 141 dunums of the bird's estate and 12 dunums of the area of al-Musadia, and the landowners are supposed to follow the issue of their notification of the seizure of their land through legal means.

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