4,500 Palestinians in the occupation prisons, including women and children

Prisoners' institutions said that 4,500 prisoners are languishing in the occupation prisons, including 41 female prisoners, and 140 children, under the age of 18. Its tools and policies are all aimed at robbing the prisoner of his effectiveness and his human rights. "

The Prisoners 'Affairs and Human Rights Institutions (the Prisoners' Affairs Authority, the Palestinian Prisoners Club, the Center for the Defense of Freedoms and Civil Rights "Hurriyat", and the Wadi Hilweh Center - Jerusalem), in a report that included data on the prisoners in the occupation prisons and the deliberate neglect they face, on the occasion of the Prisoner's Day Which falls next Saturday, the 17th of April of each year.

It indicated that the Israeli occupation escalated its violations and turned the epidemic into a new tool for abuse of Palestinian prisoners.

According to the report's data, 4,500 prisoners are held in 23 prisons and detention and investigation centers, of whom 41 are imprisoned, the majority of whom are in "Damoun" prison. The occupation also arrests 140 children and minors, distributed in prisons (Ofer, Majdou, and Damon).

The statement indicated that 25 veteran prisoners were arrested by the occupation before the signing of the Oslo Agreement, the oldest of whom is Karim Yunus and Maher Yunus (who have been detained since 1983). In addition, there are a number of prisoners released in the "Shalit" deal who were re-arrested by the occupation, and they are among the old prisoners. The most prominent of them are: Prisoner Nael Barghouti, who is serving the longest period of detention in the history of the captive movement, which reached a total of (41 years), of which he spent (34 years) continuously, in addition to a group of his companions, including: Alaa Al-Bazian, Nidal Zallum, and Samer Deprived.

The statement indicated that the number of prisoners who exceeded their detention (20 years) continuously, more than (62) prisoners who are "deans of prisoners."

The number of prisoners who were sentenced to life imprisonment reached (543), and the highest prisoner sentence among them was Abdullah Al-Barghouti, and its duration was (67) life.

Martyrs of the Captive Movement

The number of the captive movement’s martyrs has reached (226) since 1967, in addition to hundreds of prisoners who were martyred after their liberation due to diseases they inherited from prisons. Among the captured martyrs:

(75) prisoners who were ascended as a result of premeditated murder, (73) were martyred as a result of torture, (7) were shot directly, and (71) as a result of the medical negligence policy (slow killing). Prisons due to medical negligence and torture: Nour al-Din al-Barghouti, Saadi al-Gharabli, Dawood al-Khatib, and Kamal Abu Waer.

The prisoners of martyrs whose bodies are kept

(7) Martyr prisoners: Anis Doula, who was martyred in Ashkelon Prison in 1980, Aziz Uweissat since 2018, Faris Baroud, Nasar Taqatqa, and Bassam Al-Sayeh and all three of them were killed in 2019, Saadi Al-Gharabli and Kamal Abu Waer during the past year 2020.

Sick prisoners: About (550) prisoners suffer from diseases of various degrees and they need close follow-up and health care, and at least there are ten prisoners suffering from cancer, and tumors of varying degrees, including the captive Fouad Al-Shobaki (82) years old, who is the oldest of the prisoners.


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