Gaza health: 12 cases in intensive care beds

Director of the European Gaza Hospital, Yusef Al-Akkad, said today, Wednesday, that the hospital has 30 cases infected with Coronavirus, of which 12 are in intensive care beds, and 18 cases are classified as serious and in need of medical care and oxygen support.

In statements to Al-Aqsa Radio, Akkad indicated that the number of injuries currently recorded is relatively high compared to the past few days, indicating that the degree of danger has not yet been reached.

He added, "If the number of injuries increases at an escalating rate, we will face a new case that calls for the reactivation of a larger number of beds and the mobilization of all staff and equipment in the Gaza Strip."

He continued, "The oxygen situation in Gaza Strip hospitals is very reassuring, and since the beginning of the pandemic, the Ministry has made great efforts to strengthen oxygen stations in all governorates of the Strip, and we have in the European Hospital approximately 4000 liters per minute, which is sufficient to provide safe medical services to all patients."


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