The latest developments in the spread of the Corona virus in the world

What comes the latest developments related to the spread of the Corona virus in the world in light of the latest numbers, new measures and notable events, Thursday:

The European branch of the World Health Organization confirmed Thursday that a "long-term COVID-19" that mysteriously affects a large number of Corona patients should be given "of utmost importance" by all health authorities around the world.

"It is a clear priority for the World Health Organization, and it should be the same for all health authorities," said WHO director Hans Kluge.

On Thursday, European leaders will try, during a summit to be held in virtual space starting from 14:00 GMT, to come up with a common strategy regarding the threat posed by the mutated versions of the Corona virus, despite the restrictions imposed on movement in an uncoordinated manner and the big differences about the "vaccine passport."

Finland will significantly tighten restrictions imposed to combat COVID-19 and will specifically close bars and restaurants for three weeks from March 8, the government announced Thursday.

The authorities also intend to reintroduce remote education to secondary school students, as well as limit gatherings to six people in the most affected areas.

France will request a negative examination to detect corona for a period of no more than 72 hours, starting next Monday, in unprofessional movements on the border between Germany and the province of Moselle, the most affected by the epidemic.

The Philippine army announced Thursday that soldiers should receive the vaccine as the country prepares to receive the first doses from the Chinese Sinovac laboratory.

"Receiving the vaccine or not, is not an option for members of the armed forces. It is an obligation," the military spokesman said. And whoever refuses to expose himself to penalties.

AXA insurance company was sentenced to compensation a restaurant owner in Marseille due to exploitation losses caused by Covid-19 before the Court of Appeal in Aix-en-Provence, in the first appeal ruling in this type of dispute.

After a 48-hour calm, another player in the French rugby team was infected with the Corona virus, which led to the suspension of Thursday's training and cast doubts about the upcoming Six Nations Championship match against Scotland on Sunday.

This player's injury raises to 16 the number of positive cases of Covid-19 in the national team, 12 players and four from the management team, including coach Fabien Galtier.

China denied Thursday that it conducted anal examinations to detect Covid-18 on US diplomats, in the hope of defusing an emerging controversy between the two countries.

According to American media, employees of the US State Department accredited in China complained that they had been "mistakenly" subjected to an anal examination, while they were exempt from it in principle.

China, which managed to control the epidemic to a large extent on its soil, began to circulate anal examinations at the beginning of the year, which are considered more reliable than sampling through traditional means in the nose or throat.

Algeria received, on Wednesday evening, 200 thousand doses of the Sinopharm vaccine, as a gift from the Chinese government, and it promised a few days ago, according to the APS.

Corona virus has caused the death of 2,498,003 people in the world since the WHO office in China reported the outbreak of the disease at the end of December 2019, according to a census conducted by Agence France-Presse according to official sources Thursday at 11:00 GMT.

More than 112,512,890 injuries have been officially counted.

The United States is the country most affected by the number of deaths and injuries, with 505,899 deaths out of 28,336,188 injuries, followed by Brazil (249,957 deaths), Mexico (182,815 deaths), India (156,705 deaths) and Britain (121,747 deaths).

These numbers may reflect only a fraction of the actual total. This toll was prepared on the basis of data collected by Agence France-Presse offices from the competent national authorities and information published by the World Health Organization.


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