Google adds new features to monitor the rate of heart and breathing performance on Android phones

 The American Internet services and technology giant Google has unveiled new features that allow monitoring the rates of heart and breathing performance using smartphones running the Android operating system, in the context of strong competition with Apple and other technology companies in the field of fitness technology According.

The new features measure a person's breathing rate and heart rate using a phone's camera. The respiratory rate measurement tool works in the same way that a person photograph himself using a smartphone (selfie), where the user places the camera in front of his chest, and the respiratory rate is measured by monitoring the simple movements of the chest.

These features will be added to the Google Fit fitness app over the next month. Google will start providing new features to users of the Pixel smartphones produced by Google, and then make them available on a larger scale for phones that use the Android operating system in general in the coming months.

While these characteristics are mainly found in many smart devices used to monitor the physical condition, Google says it wants to make them available on a larger scale through smartphones, without the need for these additional devices.

"It turns out that relatively few people in the United States, let alone in the world, actually have physical wearables ... So one of the things that we really focused on was trying to bring these features to life," said Jack Poe, Product Manager at Google Health. Most devices that are available almost everywhere, which is a mobile phone, of course. "

A Google spokeswoman said the company would not use the data on the use of its heart and breathing features for any advertising purposes.

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