The Israeli Army: We attacked 500 targets in the Middle East during 2020

The Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, Aviv Kochavi, said this evening, Tuesday, that the army carried out a large number of attacks during the past year, and attacked 500 targets throughout the Middle East in 2020, which reduced the capabilities of those described With "the enemies of Israel."

In a speech at the Institute for National Security Studies conference, Kochavi indicated that the Israeli army is working on 6 fronts, including Iran, which he said that operational plans are being prepared against it, and that no improved agreement should be reached with it (in a letter considered to be addressed. For the new American administration).

"Returning to an agreement with Iran is a bad thing, and it is incorrect, and it will allow it to develop its nuclear capabilities, which poses a serious threat to Israel and the Middle East countries," Kochavi added, noting that Tehran aspires to be a military nuclear state.

He said that his forces carried out covert operations last year in countries far from Israel's borders. like he said.

He pointed to a slowdown in the Iranian presence in Syria due to the Israeli attacks, noting at the same time that the position of Iranian forces is still continuing.

The Israeli Chief of Staff warned of a war in which many rockets would fall across cities and it would not be easy, pointing out that the army is doing its utmost to prevent this war, even though it has the ability to operate freely in the entire Middle East.

He pointed out that Israel possesses strategic advantages, especially in its intelligence capabilities, thanks to which various targets are attacked, and it will represent a great advantage in any large-scale attack as the only way to reduce the missile threat.

He pointed out that Iran continues its attempts to transfer weapons to Syria and Lebanon, which is considered a failure for Tehran to maintain itself as a sovereign state that allows itself to transfer these weapons, he said.

"The chaos in Iraq affects us as well," Kochavi said, but he did not go into detail as mentioned by the Hebrew Ynet website.

And he indicated that the Israeli army regularly strengthens its alliances, noting that cooperation with the United States is still the strongest, and there is distinguished strategic cooperation with it, and there is operational coordination with Russia, Egypt and Jordan, and this strengthens the military relations and makes them stronger.

On normalization with the Arab countries, Kochavi said that this normalization produces a wave of opposition to our enemies, who have become more isolated, and increases the international regional alliance. like he said.

He pointed out that the past year was one of the most stable years with few deaths, and the enemy's inability to implement its plans. According to his description.

He said that the strategic situation of Israel is improving, and its enemies began to view it as a country with high intelligence capabilities and that they themselves are interfering in this regard, and Israel is seen as bold, active, and able to defend itself and its borders. like he said.

Regarding the various threats on other fronts, the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army threatened to direct strikes to Gaza and Lebanon, indicating that there are other fronts that represent a threat, including ISIS in Syria and Sinai, as well as groups affiliated with the organization in Jordan, whom he described as enemies of Israel.

On Gaza, he considered that calm was achieved thanks to the assassination of Bahaa Abu Al-Ata, a leader in the Islamic Jihad, pointing out that Israel later agreed to the continuation of Qatari aid because it uses more strength and reason.

He sent a message to the residents of Gaza, saying that if the Israelis were returned from there, the situation will differ, indicating at the same time that by next summer, the construction of the new wall with the Strip will be completed.

Hamas and Hezbollah warned against continuing to store rockets in residential areas, noting that the Israeli army would not hesitate to attack those warehouses, and was preparing for patterns of fighting in working in residential areas.

He said that the Israeli army will act with full force to prevent damage to the Israelis and all rocket launchers and their depots will be attacked, calling on civilians in Gaza and Lebanon to leave their residential areas where missiles are suspected to be located.


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