Damoun prison administration beat the female prisoners

The circles of the female prisoners in "Al-Damoun" prison prevail in a state of discontent and anger, after a group of officers and jailers beat a number of prisoners after they suddenly stormed a room without informing the prisoners of this, which led to their exposure to the officers Without a veil.

The female prisoners in Damoun Prison reported through a letter that reached the Jerusalem dialect of a copy, that the administration, represented by a group of officers and jailers, stormed the room at dawn on 01/19/2021 without informing them to take precautionary measures and wear the hijab. No justification, as the administration punished and isolated a female prisoner who suffers from psychological disorders as a result of the families' circumstances, and transferred her to solitary confinement cells, claiming that she had threatened some of the prisoners.

In response to this, especially that they are women and have privacy, the prisoners returned the breakfast and the section was closed on them until 3:30 pm, after which the prisoners lodged a protest to the administration, and confirmed their rejection of these practices and to stop storming rooms and harassing female prisoners.

For its part, the Mehjat Al-Quds Foundation called on human rights and humanitarian institutions, especially the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Human Rights Council, to intervene with the occupation authorities to put an end to the suffering of Palestinian prisoners and their inhumane conditions, take into account their privacy, and expose the violations of the occupation prisons 'interest against them, considering that the occupation authorities' infringement on the prisoners and their privacy A red line that would lead to instability and confrontation with the occupation and the interest of its prisons.


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