48 Palestinian martyrs in 2020

An annual report issued by the National Assembly of Palestine Martyrs' Families has documented that the number of martyrs who were killed by the bullets of the Israeli occupation in the past year 2020 reached (48) martyrs.

Muhammad Subeihat, Secretary General of the Collective of Families of Martyrs, said that the martyrs were civilians, including women and children, in addition to a martyr with special needs.

He pointed out that 36 martyrs were from the West Bank and 12 from the Gaza Strip, and most of them were males (36).

He pointed out that the youngest martyr is the martyr Ali Ayman Abu Alia (13 years old), and he was martyred last December in the village of Al Mughayir, east of Ramallah, and the oldest martyr is the martyr Saadi Mahmoud Khalil Al Gharabli (75 years) from the Shijaia neighborhood in Gaza, who was martyred. In prison as a result of medical negligence after being detained for 26 years in the occupation prisons.

Sabihat indicated that the number of child martyrs (less than 18 years) reached 8, and that the number of married martyrs (13 males) and one married female martyr.

He added that the average age of the martyrs is 28 years, and that the number of martyrs of the captive movement is 6. Two of the martyrs died in Syria as a result of the Israeli air strikes.

The number of martyrs who were targeted by the occupation forces, either by air strikes or artillery, reached 3.

The martyr Iyad al-Hallaq moved from Wadi al-Joz in Jerusalem, knowing that he has special needs.

The number of the bodies of the martyrs detained by the Israeli occupation during the past year reached 13 bodies, bringing the number of the bodies detained by the occupation during the last five years to 73, in addition to the 254 bodies detained since 1968 in the so-called “Numbers Cemeteries”, bringing the total number of the bodies of martyrs detained. The Israeli occupation has 327 bodies.


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