Israeli occupation municipality begins work in Shu´fat to cancel ´ UNRWA ´ work

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

Soldiers of the Israeli occupation municipality stormed the occupation forces on Tuesday, Shuafat camp amid

Occupied Jerusalem, on the side of the military roadblock, and spread to the main street.

The "official agency " reported that the crew of the Hebrew municipality and the occupation stormed-for the first time-the streets of the camp and proceeded

Cleaned up, coinciding with the release of more than 30 car tickets to citizens in the area.

Citizens interpreted this step as a clear challenge to the work of UNRWA's staff at Shuafat refugee camp, and the effective implementation of statements and decisions by the head of the ultra-occupation municipality, Nir Barakat, to cancel the work of "UNRWA" in Jerusalem and in all areas and replace it with services from the occupation municipality.

Commenting on the issue, the spokesperson for "UNRWA " Sami Mashasha said, "Our operations in Jerusalem,

The Shu'fat camp, which continues uninterrupted, is a humanitarian imperative and a fulfilment of our mandate and commitment to the Palestinian refugees, and in accordance with our mandate we are empowered to work in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.  "

He added that the entry of the cleaning crew and a contractor accompanied by municipal and border police inspectors on Tuesday morning was not coordinated with us, and we were not informed beforehand of their intention to enter the camp and we were not told what they planned to do.

"UNRWA " provides key services to an estimated 19,000 Palestine refugees living in

Shuafat refugee camp and its adjacent suburbs, with a total of 75,000 Palestinians living there

Palestinian  ".

"I confirm that our services to the refugees in the region and to the Jerusalemites living behind the wall, such as the village

Anata and the Ras Khamis district continue unabated, but non-refugees living in the same area have to

Expect services to be provided directly by the municipality of Jerusalem  ".



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