Al-Asir Club: 9 detainees in two days

Al-Asir Club said today, Sunday, that the occupation has arrested 9 citizens of Jerusalem and the West Bank in the past two days (Saturday and Sunday).

In a statement, the club stated that Amir Sami Abu Al-Hawa and Abdel-Iyad Al-Hadara were arrested from Jerusalem.

The occupation also arrested Yamen Atiq, Ibrahim Taher Al Saadi, Usama Hashem Atatreh, Muhammad Zaidan Arrawi from Jenin, Zaid Asaad Faqha (19 years) from Tulkarm, and Saeed Ziad Abu Haniyeh from Qalqilya.

Khaled Farag, from Bethlehem, was also arrested.

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