Global health: The health system in Gaza will not last for more than two weeks

Abdel Nasser Subuh, Director of the World Health Organization’s office in the Gaza Strip, said today, Sunday, that the increase in the number of injured during the past week is very worrying and is causing the depletion of the capabilities of the health system in the Strip.

Subuh indicated in a radio interview that if this increase continues, the health system will not last for more than two weeks.

He pointed out that the World Health Organization is facilitating the entry of any medical equipment and devices to counter the Coronavirus, the latest of which was the entry of 15 respirators into the Gaza Strip.

He pointed out that the Gaza Strip records between 25% and 30% of the positive samples, "and this is a dangerous indicator indicating the citizen's disdain and lack of awareness of safety and prevention measures."

The director of the World Health Office in Gaza said that the comprehensive closure, whether in the red areas or in the governorates, is the government's decision only, but the closure and the reduction of movement leads to a reduction in the infection curve and increases the efficiency of the health system to deal with critical cases.

Subuh indicated that the therapeutic vaccines will not reach the Gaza Strip before July or August of next year.

He added that the epidemiological situation in Gaza is very difficult, and this requires a serious commitment from citizens to preventive measures from the Coronavirus, and to follow all instructions, security and peace.


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