The number of Corona patients in Gaza increases daily

Head of the intensive care department at the European Gaza Hospital, said today, Sunday, that the number of people infected with Coronavirus in the Gaza Strip is increasing daily for all age groups.

Al-Jaidi stated in a radio interview, that the suffering of patients infected with the Coronavirus is severe, especially the symptoms of suffocation and lack of oxygen, indicating that the winter season will be more severe and in which viruses are active.

He pointed out that the video published by the Ministry of Health of the injured from inside the intensive care unit was an appeal to people and put them in the truth, so that they would not be controlled by misleading rumors that the virus is an easy issue and young age groups are safe from it.

Al-Jaidi called on citizens to adhere to the rules of prevention, safety, wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands and personal hygiene, to get out of the epidemic with minimal losses.

He appealed to Gaza residents to protect their mothers and fathers, and to refrain from attending weddings and gatherings, in order to prevent access to what many countries have collapsed in, including the health sector.


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