Few Republicans recognize Biden as president-elect

US President-elect Joe Biden began to see more support, albeit indirectly or timidly, by Republicans, during the past hours, as he called on a group of senior Republican lawmakers to allow him to receive Secret briefings, even with the reluctance of some officials in the administration of outgoing US President Donald Trump to implement this.

In this context, Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine said that Biden needs to see classified intelligence information, describing this process as "the most important part of the transition process," despite the appeal of the outgoing US President Donald Trump of the results in court.

She also added in a press conference yesterday, according to what the Washington Post reported Friday, "This does not in any way prevent President Trump from pursuing legal remedies if he believes there are violations, but he should not delay the transition, because we want to be the president-elect - Assuming he wins - ready the first day. "

In addition, prominent figures in the Republican Party, such as Mike Dwyane, the governor of Ohio, Chris Sunono (of Palestinian origin), who was elected to be the governor of New Hampshire, and Karl Rove, who was a senior advisor to former President George W. Bush - that Biden should be treated like the president The Elect.

Several other Republican members of the Senate also believed that the Trump administration should allow the presentation of classified intelligence statements to Biden, even if they did not publicly call him the winner.

Usually, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces is informed of such matters to avoid breaching national security during the transition period.

It is noteworthy that the "president-elect" Joe Biden said Wednesday that he does not need this information at the present time since he is not in a position that is currently allowed, and until January 20, 2021 at noon, to make decisive decisions or decisions as president, as he - Biden - knows Exactly what happens in this transitional context usually, given that he tested him twice as vice president, after the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.

It is worth noting that while a handful of Republicans quickly acknowledged the victory of the Democratic candidate, such as Senator Mitt Romney, last week, many others remained silent or publicly supported allegations of election "theft".

A report by the US channel NBC stated that there is a growing number of Trump advisers who believe that he will not object to the election result in the end, although he will never accept his election loss. One senior aide said, "Do not expect him to concede. However, he will most likely say something like: We cannot trust the results, but I don't object to them."

On Friday, November 13, 2021, the US electoral authorities confirmed that there is no evidence of missing or modified votes, or of defects in the electoral systems during the presidential elections. Those local and national authorities in charge of election security, including the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency of the Department of Homeland Security, said in a joint statement that "the October 3 elections were the safest in American history."

She added, "There is no evidence that any electoral system has been deleted, lost or modified votes, or has been compromised in any way." And the election authorities statement continued: "Although we know that our electoral process is the subject of many allegations, we can assure you that we have absolute confidence in the security and integrity of our elections."

In recent hours, some reports had stated that a voting system called "Dominion" had "wiped out" 2.7 million votes throughout the country, especially in Pennsylvania and other states.

Trump still refuses to accept his election loss, and said during a press conference about Covid-19 at the White House on Friday: “We will not go to the closure, I will not do it. This administration will not go to the closure,” adding, “Who knows which administration (exists). I think time will tell. "


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