Israeli forces arrest 24 citizens of the West Bank

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupation army on Wednesday arrested at least 24 citizens from various parts of the West bank, including 14 from Tulkarm.

Local sources said that the occupation arrested Yahya al-samhan, Mohammed Al-shakhshir from nablus, and Bara Louai Yusuf from the firewood package near qalqilya, and Laith Sami Awad from Abu Dis east of occupied Jerusalem.

The occupation also arrested Amr Al-sulaibi from Beit amer, North hebron, and Sayaf Ibrahim asafra, weighing Ahmed al-asafra, from the West Hebron ankle House.

In tulkarm, in particular, the occupation continued the search for the young man Ashraf Naalwa executing a launch in the settlement  "volcano ", arresting 14 citizens including a woman, namely: Ms. Majida eltini, Rabih Mohamed Abu rabia, Kamal al-bedouins, Mahmoud al-bedouins, Suleiman Azzam Abu Sheikha, Hassan Azzam Abu shaikha, Tariq zeid, na'el, Ahmed quouzah, aus obeid, Karam Marwan dhaylé, Mohamed Ahmed dalhiyeh, Muaz Mohammed dalhiyeh, Mohammed Imad Naqouri.

In the Ein El-sultan camp in the Jericho district, journalists documented the arrest of jihad manasrah, Yazan Abu Zeid and Hazem Eid.


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