Suffocation injuries during the occupation´s suppression of a protest against the leveling of lands in Tulkarm

A number of citizens were suffocated today, Wednesday, as a result of inhaling tear gas fired by the Israeli occupation army towards them, during a protest against the leveling of their lands in the "Al-Wastani" mountain, southeast of Tulkarm.

The official news agency said that the occupation forces have intensified their presence along the lands between Khirbet Jabara and the village of Shoufah, which they seized as part of the seizure decisions, in order to protect their bulldozers that are leveling lands and paving roads in favor of establishing an industrial zone.

The occupation soldiers fired stun grenades and tear gas, which led to the suffocation of a number of civilians, including the Secretary of "Fatah" Tulkarm Region, Iyad Al-Jarrad, who was transferred to the hospital for treatment.

The occupation forces prevented the residents of the two villages, the national action factions, the Fatah movement, and farmers from approaching the place, and forced journalists and photographers to leave the place at gunpoint and prevented them from covering the event, under the pretext that it was a closed military zone.


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