Washington approves law allowing Palestinian Authority to claim compensation

Ramallah _ Agencies

The United States has passed a new law that allows US citizens who are "injured, damaged or killed by a relative in operations" to file a complaint against any country or organization receiving security assistance from the United States.

The US Congress passed the law at the end of September September and was approved by President Trump last wednesday, according to Israel's "i 24 " Television.

The new law makes the Palestinian Authority susceptible to filing lawsuits against it in the US courts regarding operations carried out in the past dozens of years, and in order to avoid this law, the authority could abandon U.S. support for its security elements, while the law excludes assistance to israel.

According to the website, the law was passed after a huge lawsuit filed against the PNA last year by American citizens, rejected by the Supreme Court in washington, was not related to the death of several operations during the second intifada in which US citizens were injured or killed, while the court rejected American Suit.

Following the judicial decision, a number of Republican lawmakers worked to rectify the law through a series of clauses in the US budget act, as the US courts could deal in lawsuits against organizations receiving security Assistance.

All provisions of the law are related to security assistance received by the Palestinian authority, but they do not address the extensive security assistance Israel receives, according to Israeli Television.



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