Gaza health: the emergence of infected cases inside the Strip is a possibility and a permanent threat

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip confirmed today, Thursday, that the risk of developing infected cases from within the Strip is a possibility and a permanent threat despite taking all measures, due to considerations related to the unstable nature of the virus, human insufficiency considerations and extraneous considerations the control.

The ministry said in a statement that the consequences of the emergence of any situation from within the Gaza Strip, which is likely, will have devastating effects and dire consequences in the event that institutions and individuals do not adhere to public safety measures and physical spacing and act on that the sector is a defective place that this virus will not reach given the free period Previous record of any injuries from inside Gaza.

And called on citizens to adhere to safety measures in all their movements and in all facilities and institutions, especially places of gathering, so that we do not fall into the clutches of this epidemic in terms of not counting. According to the text of her statement.


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