Invitations to Twitter to ask Google to put Palestine on its maps

The National Coalition for Palestinian Digital Rights called for Twitter via Twitter tomorrow, Wednesday, to ask Google to place Palestine on the company's maps.

According to the coalition, the Twitter campaign will be implemented tomorrow, Wednesday, at 8:00 local time, under the hashtag #GoogleMapsPalestine #Palestine_ on the map, to ask Google's CEO, Sander Pichai, to place "Palestine" on the map.

The Coalition considered that Google and other companies continue to ignore the placement of the name of Palestine on its maps, as well as the bias of the Israeli narrative, as it ignores all restrictions of movement imposed on the Palestinians, such as checkpoints and prohibited streets that hinder the free movement of Palestinians, which may put Palestinians at great risk when using the road guidance service It is affiliated with Google Maps, and the proposed default methods, which are often available only to Israelis, are included. This is in violation of international law and human rights. Google also includes illegal Israeli settlements through its maps and hides marginal Palestinian villages and communities under many layers in its maps.

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