Palestinian trade unionist: The occupation intentionally insulted Gaza fishermen at sea

A Palestinian trade union accused the Israeli occupation forces of deliberately insulting and harming Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip while they were at sea.

This came in a report issued by the coordinator of the Palestinian fishermen committees Zakaria Bakr, today, Thursday.

The report pointed out that "since the beginning of 2020, the military occupation authorities have arrested nine fishermen in degrading and humiliating conditions of human dignity through the occupation warships."

The report reviewed the way in which fishermen are arrested at sea, confirming that the occupation warships launch rubber and iron bullets from a distance of zero towards the fishermen.

He pointed out that the occupying forces force the fishermen to take off their clothes and get off their boats at sea, despite the cold water, which is sometimes below zero, and despite their injury as a result of the occupation shooting at them.

He indicated that the freedom of the occupation intends to destroy the engines and forces of the fishermen, by shooting them directly, so that it can be difficult to use or benefit from.

He stated that the occupation forces committed more than 100 crimes since the beginning of the year against the fishermen, indicating that those crimes were focused on directly injuring the fishermen, harming them and destroying their boats and fishing equipment.

According to the Fishermen's Syndicate, the fishing profession, in which around 4,000 people work, has declined in an unprecedented way in the sector; Due to the decrease in the daily fishing volume, due to the restrictions imposed by the occupation authorities on the areas where fishing is permitted.


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