The British Prime Minister is writing to Yedioth: The annexation violates international law and we will not recognize it

The Hebrew newspaper Yediot Aharonot published today, Wednesday, a special article by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in which he talked about the Israeli annexation plan expected to be implemented for parts of the West Bank.

Johnson emphasized in his article that the annexation violates international law, and that it will not be recognized, expressing his hope as "pro-Israel" that this step will not be made.

Johnson recalled his journey in Israel as a young man, and how he relates to many Israelis and to Israel itself. like he said.

The British Prime Minister pointed out that his country stood for decades and defended Israel from what he described as a "threat of terrorism" and "anti-Semitic incitement", and to stand beside her in her right to exist in peace and security like any other country, stressing that Britain is constantly committed to Israel's security.


He believed that the implementation of the annexation plan would not achieve its goal in securing "the borders of Israel", but rather would contradict its interests in the long term, and that it would expose attempts to improve its relations with Arab and Islamic countries, and "annexation" might cause a halt to potential cooperation between them, and this might push ". Israel's enemies "to take advantage of this situation and use it against anyone eager to advance in the Middle East.

Johnson said, "We want a suitable solution for the Israelis and the Palestinians, and we have often defended Israel at the United Nations in the face of unjustified criticism against it, but we believe that the annexation will be a violation of international law, and it will be a gift to those who want to tell old stories about Israel."


"I sincerely hope that the annexation will not take place, and if that is the case, the UK will not recognize any changes to the 1967 lines, except for those agreed upon between the two sides," he added.


He pointed out that he feels frustrated that the peace talks ended in failure, calling for the necessity of using all methods to return to negotiations and try to find a new solution, that would bring Israel real and lasting security as "the homeland of the Jewish people", and the Palestinians could justice and security.


"I do not want to believe that this is impossible," said the British prime minister.

He praised the commitment of US President Donald Trump to try to find a way to move the peace process forward, noting that Britain will work tirelessly with the United States and other partners in the Arab and European world to try to resume negotiations and turn peace into reality.


Johnson expressed his pride in Britain’s contribution to the establishment of Israel after the Balfour Declaration was launched in 1917, stressing that this should culminate in finding a solution that would provide lasting justice and peace for Israelis and Palestinians.

He said, "We see that the only way to achieve this is by returning the two parties to negotiations, and that should be our goal. We must remember that the annexation will take us away from that."

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