Photos: A protest void of the annexation plan in Gaza

On Monday, citizens of the Gaza Strip staged a stand against Israel's "annexation" plan.

The meeting was organized at the invitation of the Palestine Liberation Organization's Palestinian Authority for Culture and Arts in front of the United Nations headquarters in western Gaza, in the presence of fatah leaders and the organization's factions.

Fatah leader and Gaza governor Ibrahim Abu al-Naja stressed that the Palestinian leadership will remain disintegrated from all agreements signed with the occupation as long as it does not abide by them, pointing out that the Palestinian people, with all their forces and factions, reject the annexation plan and will not accept it and the deal of the century.

Abu al-Naja said in an interview on the sidelines of his participation in the vigil that the vigils and marches will continue in all Palestinian governorates and cities in rejection of the annexation plan until it is dropped.

He said the plan is aimed not only at the Palestinians, but also at the Arab and Islamic nation, which Israel and the United States want to turn into states and form governments only to run the Zionist plan in the region.

He called on the world to shoulder its responsibilities towards the Israeli plan, considering that warning the countries of the world not to take such a step is not enough and needs practical steps.

Mahmoud al-Zaq, a member of the Palestinian Central Council, said the annexation plan contradicts all international laws and UN resolutions, which must take a clear stand in defense of its laws and resolutions on the Palestinian issue.

He pointed out that Israel is grossly violating international law, and that sanctions should be imposed against Israel because of its actions aimed at ending the idea of a Palestinian state and eliminating the option of a settlement.

He stressed the palestinian people's full right to a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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