Most of them are from Jerusalem .. Occupation arrests 19 citizens, including a woman

 Last night and early Tuesday, israeli occupation forces arrested 19 citizens from different parts of the West Bank, including a woman.
According to local sources, the occupying forces stormed the Wadi al-Hilweh neighborhood in the Jerusalem town of Silwan and arrested Ms. Um Mohammed Sharaf.
In the town of Issawiya, east of Jerusalem, forces arrested nine citizens, Namely, Ali Mohammed Obeid, Amjad Ali Obeid, Mahmoud Shafiq Obeid, Yas Hussein Obeid, Mahmoud Ramadan Obeid, Tamer Darwish, Majd Mustafa, Mohammed Walid Obeid, Naif and Sim Obeid.
The forces also stormed the home of Mohammed Ayman Obeid in order to arrest him, but he was not present at the house.
In Qalandia camp north of Jerusalem, forces arrested Abdullah Alqm and Ismail Abu Latifa.
In Ramallah, troops stormed the village of Kober in Ramallah and arrested Mujahid Basal Barghouti.
The official news agency also reported that at midnight last night, the forces arrested three youths from the town of Beita in the south as they passed through the Hawara checkpoint south of Nablus: Said Rabah Doikat, Aseel Nasser Doikat and Ahmed Yasser Doikat.
From the town of Ya'abd, southwest of Jenin, the Occupying Forces arrested Nasser Bassam Ba'ajawi while he was at his workplace in the occupied interior.
In Bethlehem, forces arrested the citizens, Ibrahim Maher Khamis, and Nidal Abu Ahor.
The israeli army also handed over the prisoner, the freed man Salama Abdul Jawad, from Askar refugee camp east of Nablus, a security summons for the interview on Tuesday.

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