24 new cases of Corona: 22 in Hebron, two in Nablus, and the number of cases increased to 108 on Saturday

Minister of Health Mai Kaileh reported 24 new infections, including 22 in the Hebron District, and two in Nablus, bringing the number of infections, on Saturday, to 108.

Kaileh said in a press statement that the total number in Palestine since the start of monitoring the virus reached 979 cases, the total recovery cases were 594 cases, 5 deaths, and 380 active cases.

She indicated that the active cases were distributed as follows: Jerusalem Governorate 38 cases, Ramallah Governorate and Al-Bireh Governorate 6 cases, Bethlehem Governorate 5 cases, Hebron Governorate 280 cases, Qalqilya Governorate 3 cases, Nablus Governorate 26 cases, Tulkarem Governorate one case, and Jenin Governorate 4 cases , Jericho and Al-Aghwar Governorate two cases, and the southern governorates (Gaza Strip) 15 cases.

Update the epidemiological situation of Corona virus in Palestine

Total casualties: 979 injuries.

• Total recovery cases: 594 cases.

• Total deaths: 5 cases.

Total active injuries: 380.

The active cases are divided as follows:

Jerusalem Governorate: 38 cases.

Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate: 6 cases.

Bethlehem Governorate: 5 cases.

Hebron Governorate: 280 cases.

Qalqilya Governorate: 3 cases.

Nablus Governorate: 26 cases.

Tulkarm Governorate: One case.

Jenin Governorate: 4 cases.

Jericho and Al Aghwar Governorate: Two cases.

Southern governorates (Gaza Strip): 15 cases.


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