11 of them were recorded today, Tuesday .. Corona´s injuries in Palestine increased to 700

The Ministry of Health in Ramallah announced the registration of 5 new HIV infections in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, this evening, Tuesday, bringing the number of cases recorded since this morning to 11.

In a brief statement this evening, Minister of Health Mai Al-Kailah stated that 3 new cases of Corona virus were recorded, two of them in Bethlehem, and one in Ramallah, in addition to two in the Wadi al-Joz neighborhood in East Jerusalem, which raises the death toll in Palestine to 700 .

Health Minister Mai Kaileh said earlier today that a woman was registered in Ramallah, while the other injuries were recorded. 2 In the city of Hebron, among them is a woman, one in each of Tavouh and Halhoul, and one in Tulkarm.

In a statement, it stated that the number of HIV infections has risen to 698, including 326 in Jerusalem Governorate, 302 in the rest of the northern governorates (West Bank), and 72 cases in the southern governorates (Gaza Strip).

She explained that the number of active cases, i.e. still infected, has reached 123, including 27 in the Jerusalem governorate, 3 injuries in Bethlehem, 42 in Hebron, 16 in Qalqilya, one injury in Tulkarm, 4 in Jenin, two injuries in Jericho, and two injuries In Ramallah .

The number of recovery cases reached 570 from the total recorded injuries, or 82% of the total injuries in Palestine .


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