Al-Khudari: The occupation´s fabrication of crises is part of the implementation of the "Deal of the Century"

The head of the Popular Committee to confront the blockade of the Gaza Strip, Representative Jamal Al-Khudari, affirmed that the Israeli pressure and fabricating crises for the Palestinians are part of the implementation of the alleged "deal of the century".

Al-Khudari added, in a statement, today, Friday, that the Israeli occupation authorities "triggered a crisis of salaries for the Authority's employees, and raised the plan to annex the West Bank, as part of its steps to implement the deal of the century."

He pointed out that the occupation works in isolation from international laws, as it besieges Gaza and the Jews of Jerusalem, and it occupies the West Bank lands with full American support.

He stated that the American-Israeli coordination is currently at its highest levels to secure full control over the Palestinian territory by annexing parts of the occupied West Bank to Israeli sovereignty.

On more than one occasion, Netanyahu announced that his government would embark on the annexation process, which includes 30 percent of the West Bank, in July, as part of the alleged US "deal of the century".

The official and public Palestinian rejection of the Israeli annexation plan is escalating, along with international warnings that it will eliminate the possibility of resolving the conflict according to the principle of two states.

On January 28, US President Donald Trump announced the alleged "deal of the century" that included the establishment of a Palestinian archipelago in the form of an archipelago linked by bridges and tunnels, and made the city of Jerusalem an undivided capital for Israel, and the Jordan Valley under the control of "Tel Aviv".


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