Yehuda Glick is an extremist who calls for the demolition of Al-Aqsa, to be supported by the Israeli authorities and departments, including the judiciary

Yehuda Glick's name returned to the top of the media in recent days, when he approached the home of the family of the martyr Iyad Al-Hallaq in Wadi Al-Joz, who was killed in cold blood about ten days ago by the bullets of the so-called guards. The borders are in the alleys of the ancient streets of Jerusalem, and his disability or his teacher, who screamed that he is disabled, did not protect him, but the result is that Iyad was martyred with seven bullets, and perhaps more when he was lying on the ground trying to take shelter from their bullets.

Glick's visit to the vicinity of the house was a clear provocation to the people, and one of the young men in the funeral took it and expelled him after a verbal argument. The occupation police claimed that he had beaten him, so I rushed all the occupation forces to arrest this young man for "assaulting Glick", and began to present him with this charge As for Glick, who possesses Talmudic immunity, as he likes to describe himself, he remained at liberty but rather plots to storm Al-Aqsa, provoking the citizens and he is known to all the Almoravids there.

Because he is not just storming Al-Aqsa, but he is working to provoke the Almoravids and the worshipers, and he often demands expelling them and closing Al-Aqsa in their face, and according to one of the activists who preferred not to mention his name, he once said, "Here is not Al-Aqsa, here is the temple, and this must be destroyed." , Asking the Palestinians to search for another place for Al-Aqsa, either in Jordan or in Saudi Arabia, and all this hostile and provocative talk is heard by police and intelligence officers alike who accompany the intruders without uttering a word, even when he makes flagrant threats calling for killing like this. Leave here before you are killed. "

Successive facts demonstrate that a whole country works to protect Jewish extremists, regardless of their aggressive behavior and practices against the Palestinian people and their property, even if these people injured or killed Palestinians, so their incursions are disregarded, according to what the activist Mohamed Brijieh says, and he adds that if he defends The Palestinian person expresses himself, his family and his possessions, as he will be in the eye of a storm of endless Israeli sanctions that amount to punishing his entire family, whether by demolishing the house or arresting the largest number of its members.

The Palestinians consider the Zionist extremist extremely hostile to the Palestinians and the Al-Aqsa Mosque in particular, Yehuda Glick, is a striking example of this, as he who leads most of the incursions to touch Al-Aqsa, and incites to storm it.

Not only that, but this extremist who served as a member of the Knesset from the Likud Party leads the extremist Halepa organization, a coalition of Jewish extremist groups, which also aims to achieve universal access to the Temple Mount as they call it.

Perhaps the continuous provocations and attacks on Al-Aqsa and the worshipers inside it, and on all the Palestinian people, led a young Jerusalemite resident of the occupied Jerusalem neighborhood called Moataz Hijazi, who was born in 1982 to plot an assassination incident for this extremist, which is an individual operation, he could not bear the aggressiveness of the Glick, so he organized a process The assassination on the morning of October 30, 2014, and he was riding a motorbike in the streets of West Jerusalem, and ambushed Glick, which resulted in serious injuries, and he miraculously recovered, according to many activists, and are only a few moments until a large military force surrounded Mu'taz's house and fired He was shot, until he was martyred.

Later, I demolished his home, and these forces were not satisfied with that. Rather, I worked to close the Al-Aqsa Mosque while besieging the house of the martyr Moataz. .

It is noteworthy that the martyr Moataz is a former prisoner who spent about 11 years in the occupation prisons on charges of belonging to the Islamic Jihad movement and carrying out anti-occupation activities.

Breguetia refers to what was published on social media in 2015, that is, less than a year after the assassination attempt on Glick, by visiting Turkey and participating in a Ramadan Iftar hosted by one of the societies under the title "Islam against Violence" and he said it is a strange paradox when it is called like this The person who is hostile to Islam and the sacred places and calls to kill the Palestinian people to this occasion, as if it is a tribute to him, and in the end the association and the people within it claim that they defend Al-Aqsa and his Islamism, and this is the essence of the illegal normalization that we all oppose, instead of expelling this extremist who is His call is like this, but Al-Aqsa is the maximum and the Dora of the Arabs and Muslims will suffice and the Palestine cause will win in the end because it is the most just cause on the face of the earth.


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