Netanyahu to settlement leaders: The situation with the Americans is not the same as 5 months ago

 Sources attending the meeting of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with settlement leaders in the West Bank, said that he informed them that the situation with the American administration is not the same as it was 5 months ago.

According to the sources - as reported by the Hebrew newspaper, Israel Hume, the Netanyahu suggested to the audience that the internal problems in the United States and some other issues have diminished the interest of the US President Donald Trump's administration in the peace plan, "the deal of the century" at the present time.

The meeting witnessed verbal exchanges between Speaker of the Knesset Yariv Levin, who attended the meeting in his capacity as the representative of Israel on the American mapping team, and between some of the leaders of the settlement councils.

While Netanyahu did not answer questions posed to him by some settlement leaders about what is going on, and that he (that is, Netanyahu) and Levin informed these settlers that they do not currently know what the map of sovereignty will look like.

One of the attending settlement leaders said, "The meeting was not easy. We came out with a strong feeling."

These developments come one day after a call took place between Netanyahu, Jared Kouchner, the chief White House advisor, and a number of US and Israeli officials.

An Israeli political source said after the call, the US administration is not enthusiastic about the annexation issue, and that it wants to slow down the steps related to that.


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