6 fishermen were injured and others arrested during the past month

The Federation of Agricultural Work Committees in the Gaza Strip monitored the injury of 6 fishermen and the arrest of others by the Israeli navy during the month of May.

According to the Federation's pressure and advocacy department, the number of violations against fishermen during the past month reached 36 violations.

The report indicated that the injuries to the fishermen were from moderate to slight, and they were for each of (the fisherman Majid Fadl Bakr, the fisherman Muhammad Suhail Bakr, the Muhammad Imran Bakr, the fisherman Ahmed Musa Abu Amira, the struggle of Musa Abu Amira and the fisherman Nidal Ashraf Al-Hissi).

The occupation boats arrested two fishermen, each of whom is the fisherman, Mohamed Abdel-Razek Bakr, who was released after 14 days of detention, and the fisherman Mahmoud Aziz Bakr, who is still detained.

The violations of the occupation caused the destruction of engines belonging to 3 boats, and the confiscation of a fishing boat belonging to the detained fisherman Mohammed Abdel-Razek Bakr, and fishing nets belonging to 4 fishing boats were destroyed.

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