"Facebook " Security breach a major blow to the credibility of the giant company

Washington _ Agencies

The security breach that affected some 50 million Facebook users this week is a "big" slap on the credibility of the company, which is seeking to regain confidence after a privacy scandal unfolded in last March March, Bloomberg News agency reported.

The agency said it would be difficult for users to believe that the company has made progress since the CEO, Marc Zuckerberg, in April (April) has pledged to protect users ' data.

She explained that if users lost confidence in the "Facebook " handling of their personal information, they might have to reduce their time spent using that site or limit the posts to publications, which could affect the company's profits.

On Friday, the site "Facebook " reported a security breach that affected some 50 million users this week, where the social media giant said that he was taking steps to enhance security even after admitting that he did not know who was behind the attack.

The hack allowed the attacker to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of access codes that keep users logged in and the likelihood of capturing their accounts.

Overall, the privileged access codes have been reset to about 90 million users and they will have to sign in again.

The vulnerability was nested in the "Show as " function, which allows the user to see his or her profile as someone else. The site  "Facebook " said that it paused this feature temporarily.

"Facebook ":  "Since we have just begun our investigation, we still have to determine whether these accounts have been misused, whether any information has been accessed, nor do we know who is behind these attacks or their source."


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