Occupation arrests 19 citizens, mostly from Jerusalem

The occupation forces launched a campaign of arrests that included 19 citizens from the West Bank, most of them from Jerusalem, last Tuesday and Tuesday.

The Al-Asir Club said, in a statement, that the occupation forces arrested at least ten Jerusalemites: Ahmed Abu Ghazaleh, Muhammad al-Jolani, Abdullah al-Jolani, Adham al-Zaatari, Raed al-Zughair, Ali Jaber, Muhammad al-Daqqaq and Nizar al-Zughair, all of whom were from the Old City and summoned citizens Two others: Nidal Zugheer and Hisham Bashiti, in addition to the arrest of the Al-Aqsa Mosque guard, Hamza Nimer, in the morning, and another citizen from the Shuafat camp.

From the town of Kober, northwest of Ramallah, those forces arrested Qais Muhammad Al-Barghouthi and Nassar Muharram Al-Barghouthi.

Three civilians, including a boy from Hebron, were arrested, including: Waad Jamal Al Badawi (25 years old), Musab Asfour (27 years old), and Naseem Tayseer Al Titi (17 years old). The occupation forces also delivered a summons to the family of the young Adam Tafish from Al Arroub camp, to surrender himself .

Once again, the occupation forces stormed the town of Ya`bad, west of Jenin, and arrested the two boys, Abd Abd al-Rahim Abu Bakr, 17, Islam Nidal Hamarsheh, 17, and the young man Muhammad Qais Amarneh, 23.

In addition to the detainees, Musa Mahmoud Khalifa, from the town of Al-Ubeidiya, where he was arrested, after storming his house, with the aim of pressuring his son Qutaiba to surrender.


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