Israeli bulldozers destroy agricultural lands southeast of Tulkarm

Occupation bulldozers began at dawn today, Monday, bulldozing agricultural lands, located between the villages of Kafa and Shufa, southeast of Tulkarm.

The activist in the field of land defense in Shufa Tahsin Hamid told the official agency, "More than 10 occupation bulldozers guarding the occupation forces and a group of armed settlers have bulldozed these lands and destroyed and uprooted olive trees and all the crops in them, which are owned by the Hamid family and the people of Kafa and for the citizen Aref Yaqoub Pointing out that these lands are located to the west of the Avni Haivets settlement, which is built on the lands of the villages of Chouf, Kafa, Kafr El-Lebad, and Hafas

He added, "These actions are a continuation of the repeated attacks on the lands of the citizens in this region to achieve their settlement goals and protect the settlers on the pretext that they are close to the Avni Hefetz settlement," pointing out that the occupation bulldozers closed a month and a half ago the roads leading to these lands with dirt berms and prevented farmers From accessing and working on their lands.


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