Two Palestinian films win in El Gouna festival

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The El Gouna film festival was concluded yesterday evening, amid a remarkable local, Arab and international participation of film stars and filmmakers across the globe.

The festival's audience and guests since the 20th month of September, have followed the festival, which included performances of fifteen films in the framework of the feature film competition, 12 films in the long documentary competition, 23 films in the short film competition, and 18 films within the selection program Official out-of-competition, five movies within your show, next to the opening film.

The number of film screenings participating in the festival was 107, along with 25 events in the El Gouna film platform, 6 dialogue tables, 6 seminars, and 3 conferences and workshops attended by Arab and international film stars and filmmakers.

The festival was marked Thursday evening by the distribution of the El Gouna film Platform Awards, which are presented for the new film projects for filmmakers and Arab producers, won by 11 films and has a value of 220 thousand dollars worth of prizes. This year's awards were for the Palestinian film  "Isthmus " of directed by Leila Abbas, and won the El Gouna award for the best project in the development phase, the Lebanese film  "Souls " directed by Mohamed Sabbagh.

It was included in the list of winning films of the El Gouna film platform, the Palestinian film  "Gaza-Washington " Directed by Rachid Mashhrawi, the Egyptian film  "Souad " directed by Ayten Amin, and the Tunisian film  "The man who sold his back " directed by Kawthar Ben Haniyeh and the Lebanese film  "1982 " directed by Walid Mons, and the Tunisian film  "Fataria " directed by Walid Taya, the Sudanese film  "On the edge of Khartoum " directed by Marwa Zein, and the Egyptian film  "will draw" directed by Nabil Mina, the Lebanese film  "under the direction" directed by Sarah Qasqas.


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