Suppression of the Friday prayer on lands threatened with expropriation in Al-Sawiya

 The occupation forces today suppressed a peaceful event to perform Friday prayers in the lands of Al-Sawiya town, south of Nablus.

The event came at the invitation of the PLO factions and the Wall and Settlement Resistance Authority to perform Friday prayers on lands threatened with confiscation in the Al-Wad region in the town of Al-Sawiya, on the occasion of the seventy-second anniversary of the Nakba.

Dozens of residents of Al-Sawiya and the neighboring towns to Al-Wad region participated with agricultural tractors to plow the land and plant it with olive seedlings.

There were large numbers of occupation vehicles on the main street, and they suppressed citizens and fired tear gas canisters at them, which resulted in dozens of cases of suffocation, in addition to injuries resulting from beating, and the occupation also used vehicles to spray wastewater towards the participants.

The Ministry of Health said that three injuries reached Rafidia Governmental Hospital in Nablus, one of which was hit with a gas canister in the abdomen, the second with rubber-coated metal bullets in the head, and a hand in the hand with a tear gas canister, which resulted in fractures.

It is noteworthy that the Al-Wad region is subject to repeated attacks by settlers from the "Rahalim" settlement, who have cut down more than 3 thousand trees, intermittently.


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