Mustafa Al-Barghouthi: the occupation policy in Jerusalem and areas (C) are dangerous and criminal

 Dr. Mustafa Al-Barghouthi, Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative Movement, described the policy of health neglect and racial discrimination practiced by the occupation authorities in Jerusalem and the so-called areas (C) that constitute 62% of the West Bank are dangerous and inhuman, and that they threaten to spread Corona epidemic is widespread in these areas.

Al-Barghouthi said: “Instead of these authorities fulfilling their duty as an occupying power, they are stepping up their incursions into Palestinian cities, towns, and neighborhoods, as happened in Qalandia, Kafr Aqab, and Tal Al-Rumeida, and expanding their arrests, and suppressing the health support committees formed by the Palestinians to confront the Corona epidemic, as happened in Silwan, Al-Isawiyah, and Beit Hanina, including This includes storming and closing health clinics. "

Stressing that the negligence in conducting tests for the Palestinian workers working in Israeli factories and installations affected by the epidemic is responsible for 73% of the cases of corona epidemics in the West Bank, in addition to the fact that the continued blockade of the Gaza Strip threatens a health disaster in the event of its spread.


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