Justice in Gaza: the occupation’s refusal to provide corona examination materials is a crime against humanity

The Ministry of Justice in the Gaza Strip called on the international community today, Sunday, to exert pressure to lift the siege on the sector, and to provide corona examination materials and not to delay in its introduction, considering that not including it is a complex crime that falls within the crimes against humanity and war crimes according to Of the Rome Statute.

The ministry said in a statement that the 14-year-old blockade has exhausted the health sector like all other sectors, and that it is time to lift this blockade completely, especially as the Corona epidemic sweeps the globe and strikes it without mercy.

"The Gaza Strip has the right to obtain its guaranteed rights to health care and treatment and what would protect its residents from epidemics, and to lift all restrictions imposed on them."

She pointed out that the provision of these medical materials rests with Israel, as it is the occupying power that surrounds the Strip by virtue of international laws.

The Ministry of Justice called on the World Health Organization and all international organizations to assume their responsibilities towards the besieged Gaza for years, which cannot bear new crises that could cause a humanitarian catastrophe as the epidemic of Corona had spread in Gaza.

These institutions demanded the necessity of providing urgent needs for medicines, medical consumables, respirators, intensive care, ingredients for readiness and readiness.


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