A popular committee: Gaza faces the blockade, judaization and settlement .. and the "Corona" epidemic

The Popular Committee to lift the siege on Gaza said today, Friday, that the Palestinian people are currently facing several epidemics at the same time, the siege, the Judaization and settlement, in addition to the new Corona virus.

"The Israeli occupation is continuing its plans to Judaize Jerusalem, expand settlement, annexation, and seizure of lands in the West Bank, and besiege Gaza, despite the Corona pandemic," the committee chairman, MP Jamal Al-Khudari, said in a press statement.

He stressed that the Israeli occupation continues to implement its new old policies, "by imposing facts on the ground by virtue of force and intransigence, and implementing them gradually to become facts that are difficult to overcome."

He continued, "The occupation also announces settlement plans, and is taking accelerated steps within the vision and methodology aimed at destroying any opportunity to establish a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital."

Al-Khudari pointed out that the American administration supports "the Israeli occupation with all its projects that transcend international legitimacy and United Nations resolutions."

In this regard, he mentioned the suffocating siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for nearly 14 years, noting that this gives the Israeli occupation "a force that it uses to interfere in all the details of the life of the population, prevents them from moving freely, and imposes restrictions on the entry of goods."

And the Israeli occupation imposed a tight siege on the Gaza Strip since 2006, when all border crossings and border crossings that link Gaza with the outside world through Egypt or the occupied Palestinian territories were closed in 1948, with the exception of partially opening them to enter some goods and travelers.

The United Nations and its various institutions have made many appeals in which they warn of the fate of what is happening in Gaza, and left the humanitarian situation to explode, and also called on the international community to accelerate the relief of the Palestinians and bridge the deficit that resulted from some countries' breach of their official and humanitarian obligations towards the Palestinian people.


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