Britain for the first time exceeds 500 deaths in Corona in one day

 Britain recorded 563 new deaths of Corona virus on Wednesday, the first time that the daily death toll in the country has crossed the 500 threshold, raising to 2,352 the total death toll from the epidemic on British soil.

The British Ministry of Health announced on Twitter that "as of five o'clock (16:00 GMT) on March 31, the number of dead people who had been admitted to UK hospitals because of the emerging coronavirus was 2,352."

The ministry pointed out that the outcome of confirmed cases of the emerging coronavirus reached 29,474 people, an increase of 4,324 infections within 24 hours.

Last week, Britain imposed a total closure to reinforce efforts to combat the virus, but its Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was also injured, warned that the situation "will get worse before it gets better."

The virus also infected the royal family, and Prince Charles recovered from it and emerged Tuesday from the stone after the symptoms of his illness were slight.

On Wednesday, Prince Charles released a video in which he praised the "brilliant" performance of Britain's public health sector. "None of us know when this will end, but it will inevitably end," he said.

"Until it ends, we all try to be hopeful, to trust ourselves and others, and to look forward to a better stage," he added.


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